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Violent Crimes Lawyer in Savannah

Aggressive Defense for the Most Serious Charges

The violent nature of certain criminal charges creates an added negative connotation of the person accused of the crime. Even the accusation of certain violent crimes can ruin a reputation, well before the person gets to court. When you need an experienced violent crimes attorney in Savannah, call The Lerch Law Firm for an aggressive trial attorney to fight for you.

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Violent Crimes in Georgia

Violent crimes generally involve the use of physical force resulting in injury or death. A conviction may result in lengthy prison sentences, financial penalties, and other severe consequences. Being convicted of a violent crime can have long-lasting detrimental effects on a person’s life that continue well after your release from prison.

We have represented clients charged with:

  • Aggravated assault/battery
  • Aggravated stalking
  • Armed robbery
  • Arson
  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Child molestation
  • Domestic violence
  • Kidnapping
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder
  • Sex offenses
  • Terrorism

Our clients often arrive at our office extremely fearful about the future. We understand that you are worried about defending your name and reputation, family relationships, and future. It is important to remember that you are innocent until proven guilty in this country. Our Savannah violent crimes lawyer will treat you with the respect you deserve.

Discuss Your Legal Options

The best place to start is with a free consultation to learn about your legal options. When preparing a defense, we investigate every aspect of your case, including forensic evidence, witness statements, and other evidence to build a case to establish reasonable doubt. Our Savannah violent crimes attorney looks for any potential constitutional violations, procedural mistakes, improper handling of evidence, and other factors to thoroughly prepare your case for trial.

When you are ready to seek advice from a Savannah violent crimes lawyer, call (912) 417-5008 or contact us online to schedule your FREE consultation.

Case Results

At The Lerch Law Firm

We are proud of the successes we have achieved for our clients over the years. We believe that results we obtain illustrate the quality of our representation and our determination to achieve a favorable outcome no matter how severe the charges. Explore our case results to learn more.
  • Dismissed 16 Counts Including Forgery Charges
  • Dismissed DUI
  • Reduced to Reckless Driving DUI
  • Dismissed Illegal Gun Possession
  • Dismissed Possession with Intent to Distribute