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If you live in Georgia, you know that at times the summer can be extremely hot and humid. What better way is there to cool off than to climb into a boat and relax in the cool breeze along a lazy river? Boating is a wonderful experience and an opportunity to bond with family and friends. In fact, for many people in Savannah, boating has become the preferred way of life, whether you are fishing, gently cruising in a pontoon boat, or visiting local waterways.

Unfortunately, if you have been charged with boating under the influence (a BUI), you are in for a shock. This charge has serious consequences, not just for your summer, but for life. Recent boating laws changes mean that you need a Savannah BUI lawyer at your side. Count on our reliable team at The Lerch Law Firm to defend your cause.

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What Counts as a Boat in Georgia?

You might think that this is an obvious question to answer – of course, if you were found in a pontoon, a motorized speed boat, or a fishing boat, these large boats would count as ones where you can be charged with a BUI. However, many people are surprised to learn that the BUI laws in Georgia apply to several other types of vessels as well.

Some other methods of water travel which also count as boats include:

  • Personal watercrafts
  • Surfboards
  • Sailboats
  • Canoes
  • Water skis
  • Aquaplanes
  • Rowboats
  • Similar water vessels

If you happen to be arrested for utilizing any one of these vessels while being found under the influence of drugs and alcohol, you will be charged with a BUI and face serious consequences.

What Counts as Being Under the Influence

Because there are so many different scenarios that could count as being “under the influence,’’ it is helpful to know some of the main categories, so you can be prepared no matter what the scenario is.

Just some of the examples which could count as BUIs include cases where a person has been operating any function on a boat while they have been found with traces of alcohol high enough in their blood to cause an accident. Moreover, if the driver tries to operate a boat, but is found to have taken certain quantities of drugs, even those that are over the counter for medicinal purpose, they could be charged as not having "full control" over their senses. In fact, if the driver of the boat is in any way said to have taken any substance that makes them less of a safe driver, they could be charged. This is a problematic interpretation that could be very subjective, costing you time in incarceration and tremendous fines for something that was not clearly delineated.

Knowledgeable Support

Because it is so difficult to understand the complexities of BUI charges, you will need the skilled support of our Savannah BUI attorney. Do not hesitate to get accessible and responsive legal help immediately.

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