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4 Common Reasons Why Drivers Are Pulled Over For Suspected DUI

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The police are eager to catch drunk drivers on the roads. This is especially true in the summer months and over holiday weekends when drunk driving happens more frequently. The police must have probable cause to pull you over for suspected DUI. Here are some of the most common reasons they stop drivers.

1. Speeding

Drivers go above the speed limit frequently, both sober and intoxicated. In the late-night hours, or on weekends, officers may be more inclined to suspect DUI if you’re speeding.

Here’s a tip: If the officer asks if you know how fast you were going, say yes. You don’t want to admit to speeding, but you also don’t want to say anything that makes it sound like you weren’t paying attention behind the wheel.

2. Failure To Maintain Lane

Many people picture this when they think of drunk driving. If you are swerving over the lines on the road, an officer may stop you. This type of driving may lead them to think you have blurred vision from drugs or alcohol, or are otherwise disoriented.

3. Reckless Driving

A combination of speeding, swerving, or abrupt movement would show reckless driving. If the officer sees that you are driving in a way that could endanger yourself or others, you will likely be pulled over and evaluated for DUI.

4. Ignoring Traffic Lights or Signs

You may be pulled over if you:

  • Run or roll through a stop sign
  • Run a red light
  • Don’t move once the light turns green
  • Make a turn where there is a sign that says you cannot

Your Rights If Stopped by Police

If you are pulled over by police for suspected DUI, you should know your rights, including:

  • You are not required to answer any questions. You are only required to provide your ID, registration, and insurance.
  • You do not have to take a field sobriety test. You technically do not need to take a breath test, but breath test refusal will result in license suspension.
  • You do not have to consent to a search.

Arrested for DUI?

Many of these driving behaviors happen frequently when drivers are sober. However, at times of the day or week when the police suspect drunk driving, they are more inclined to stop cars for traffic violations in order to catch the driver under the influence at the same time. At The Lerch Law Firm, we can help you fight your DUI charge. We have successfully handled over 1,000 cases and can create a strong defense for you. Call today at (912) 417-5008 to set up a consultation with our Georgia DUI attorney.