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Can A DUI Be Expunged in Georgia?

DUI Expungement in Georgia

Whether it’s a minor traffic infraction or a felony DUI, one of the biggest fears most people have when it comes to being charged with a crime is the potential of having a criminal record in the event of a conviction. In some cases, you may wonder if you can have your record expunged if and avoid living life with a record.

However, when it comes to DUI charges in Georgia, record expungement may not be an option.

What is Record Expungement?

To have your record expunged means to essentially have certain convictions sealed and restricted for purposes that are not criminal justice-related — for example, a background check for a job application. This process is also known as “record restriction”.

Can I Get My Georgia DUI Expunged?

Unfortunately, in the state of Georgia a DUI conviction cannot be expunged from your record. This is because driving under the influence is considered a serious traffic violation, which means it is still ineligible for expungement under the new ‘Second Chance Law.’
Although it can be difficult, you may be able to file for an appeal if you were recently convicted and attempt to have your record restricted if you win your appeal.

If you were not convicted of your charge or the case against you is dismissed, you may be able to apply for restriction as well.

Why It’s Necessary to Keep Your Record Clear

Having a DUI conviction on your record can create difficulties in your life in numerous ways. It can cause you to pay higher insurance premiums, show up on background checks, prevent you from getting a job, and, in some more serious cases when your DUI is related to a drug charge or injury, keep you from getting approved for an apartment.

Fighting DUI Charges in Savannah

There is a lot on the line if you’re facing DUI charges, and you’ll want to know that the attorney you hire is going to do everything possible to have your charges dismissed and keep your record clear.

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