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Have you ever been stopped alongside the road by a Georgia police officer? This experience is not the most pleasant of scenarios, but what would be even worse is being pulled over for being suspected of driving under the influence. In the stressful situation, you may be forced to decide whether to take a breathalyzer test, without the time to carefully weigh out your options.

There are definitely ways to fight this problematic charge, but you cannot delay because you have a very limited window of time to do so. Our chemical testing attorneys in Savannah stand ready to aid you during this difficult circumstance. There are many ways for The Lerch Law Firm to overthrow the subjective accusations of refusing to chemical tests, which are often misinterpreted or fail due to technological difficulties anyways, so get in touch immediately.

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Limitations of Alcohol in Georgia

There are three primary rules regarding alcohol limitations in Georgia with relationship to driving a vehicle.

These laws state that:

  • Persons over twenty-one years of age have the legal limit of 0.08
  • Persons under twenty-one years of age have the legal limit of 0.02
  • Persons who are driving large trucks, buses, or commercial vehicles have the legal limit of 0.04

When you have been halted by an officer of law, you are legally allowed to refuse the chemical test that the police officer will try to get you to take, whether testing, blood, urine, or breath. However, law enforcement will try to get around this by putting in place the Administrative License Suspension Process to take away your license anyways.

Wrong Breathalyzer Readings

Another terrible scene we have often witnessed is that defendants are charged for simply failing the breathalyzer. Just like any other piece of human-made testing equipment, breathalyzers can often fail.

Just a few of the objects which often cause the breathalyzer to give incorrect readings include:

  • Using smokeless tobacco
  • Eating some mints recently
  • Putting balm on your lips
  • Wearing dental adhesives

The lack of precision in breathalyzers is why officers are supposed to watch you for more than 20 minutes before giving the test. Unfortunately, this length of time does not always occur. Sometimes this is because the officer has not been well trained; other times the device is just not calibrated correctly. You may even have certain medical issues which mean that your test will show very high blood alcohol levels, although you have not drunk much.

30 Day Warning

If you have been charged for resisting a chemical test of your breath, blood, or urine, you need to immediately start on an appeal. One of the most crucial things to remember about getting an appeal for chemical testing, however, is that you only have thirty days to turn this in. Otherwise, your case will be rejected since there are absolutely no exceptions.

Get in Touch Immediately

In some scenarios, you can wait a while before getting a reliable attorney, but in these cases, time is of the essence. Do not delay in reaching out to The Lerch Law Firm for our reliable chemical testing lawyer in Savannah.

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  • State of Georgia v. C.G. Case Dismissed
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