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Charged with a DUI? Learn more about defense strategies

Even though you understand the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol, there may come a time when you make a mistake. For example, you could lose track of how many drinks you've consumed. As a result, this increases the likelihood of being arrested for driving under the influence.

The coaching of criminal defendants before a trial

A successful criminal defense could be just as much about the facts as it is about gaining the trust and/or sympathy of the jury. If a defendant walks into court looking dirty and disheveled, he or she might be as innocent as can be, but the jury could judge him or her based on surface-level factors.

Fighting drug possession charges as a student

Drug possession charges can drastically affect a student's future opportunities and privileges. Although the tide seems to be turning on public opinion of relatively low-level drugs like marijuana, drug possession charges of any kind are still quite serious and remain among the most heavily punished nonviolent charges available.