Not All DUI Charges Are The Same

It is true that many people charged with driving under the influence find themselves convicted. However, many does not mean all. It is important to remember that not all DUI charges are the same and neither are all DUI penalties. At The Lerch Law Firm, I build individually tailored DUI defense strategies, because I know each client and each case are truly unique.

Addressing Your DUI-Related Concerns

Thanks to my years of experience as a criminal lawyer, I know the main concerns most of my clients have. I know how worried they are about losing their driver's licenses, facing jail time and having to pay expensive fines. As a result, I work diligently to have their cases dismissed or their charges reduced.

Evidence Is Key To Understanding Your Position

If you face a drunk driving charge in Georgia, it is important to remember that evidence is key. Until an attorney has reviewed the video of your traffic stop and the footage of your field sobriety test, it is impossible to know whether probable cause existed and whether the officer followed correct protocol. Even if your arresting officer followed official procedures during the stop, issues with your breath or blood test could exist that could result in the dismissal of your case.

Would You Like To Discuss Your Specific Case?

If you face a DUI charge, the above information may have raised more questions than it answered. If that is the situation in which you now find yourself, you could benefit from discussing your individual circumstances with me.

By calling 912-495-8874 or emailing me, you can schedule a time for your free initial consultation at my law office in Savannah. During our first meeting, I will listen to your side of the story and provide you with honest feedback concerning my assessment of your legal situation. Armed with the opinion of an experienced attorney and an understanding of your legal options, you can work with me to make the best decisions possible for your circumstances.