A Criminal Defense Law Firm Founded By A Georgia Native

I was born and raised in Georgia, so when it was time for me to start my professional career as an attorney, Georgia was my first choice. By founding my law office in Savannah, The Lerch Law Firm, I feel that I am able to give back to the communities in Costal Georgia that gave me so much over the years.

In this country, accused individuals are innocent until proved guilty, and I remind my clients of this continuously by treating them with the respect they deserve. By providing honest and professional advice, I am able to reach one of my main goals, which is to alleviate my clients' concerns.

A Criminal Lawyer Ready For Any Courtroom

Although I take great pride in my abilities as a negotiator, I am not afraid to take cases to trial. If you stand accused of a crime and negotiations fail or simply do not offer an outcome that you can accept, I will build a courtroom strategy designed to help you reach your legal goals.

To further illustrate my trial readiness, I am a graduate of the Bill Daniel Trial Advocacy program. This program is a prestigious trial advocacy program offered by the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in which participation is limited to accepted applicants.

If you would like to learn more about my background and my professional accomplishments, please click on the link below:

Learn How I Can Help You

If you live in southeastern Georgia and you would like to discuss your charge with me at my Savannah law office, you can call 912-495-8874 or email my office to schedule a free initial consultation. During your consultation, you can learn how I can help you throughout your criminal proceedings by providing both legal representation and emotional support.